Old Brick Presbyterian Church was founded in the year 1820. The congregation originally selected the name Mount Pleasant Cumberland Presbyterian Church but later changed it to Old Brick Presbyterian Church.  The original building was a frame structure that was located just northeast of the site of the present building.  That structure was destroyed by fire in 1824.

After the first building burned, the congregation voted to build the brick sanctuary in which worship services are presently held.  The bricks were hand-made by slave labor with clay taken from a pit that is still visible near the southwest corner of the building.   The bricks which form the exterior of the sanctuary were kiln fired, and the interior bricks were sun-dried.  The new building was completed in the year 1828, and dedicated on the first Sunday of October of that year.  This important date is remembered each year by the congregation with a homecoming celebration.

There have been few changes to the building since it was originally constructed.  In the interior, the old slave gallery now serves as a balcony.   The pulpit has been enlarged and electric lights have been installed.  The original pews are still in use.  The only basic change to the appearance of the sanctuary from the outside has been the addition of stained glass windows.

With the exception of the years during the Civil War, regular services have been held by the church.  In 1906, the congregation voted to unite with the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, which is now a part of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and the church holds to Presbyterian worship and policy.  Old Brick Presbyterian Church’s 1828 sanctuary was admitted to the National Register of Historical Sites in 1989 and was presented the site award at our Annual Homecoming Celebration on October 1, 1989.

In the year 2014, Old Brick members received an amazing blessing in the form of an anonymous donor who wanted to refurbish the Sanctuary.  Being such a small group, it would have been almost impossible to do this on our own.  So, of course, we were overjoyed!

The work started with the cleaning of the handmade bricks on the outside of the building.  As the work progressed our services were held in the Fellowship Hall for the duration of the work – many months!

On the inside of the Sanctuary, the walls were stripped down to the handmade bricks and they were then cleaned and sealed. The carpet was removed to reveal the beautiful wood flooring; in great condition, only needing to be refinished.

All of the work was completed in the year 2016.  We have our original walls and ceiling as well as our original handmade pews which were re-stained.  Outside a beautiful steeple was added and wonderful chimes play daily.  We are all so appreciative of such a marvelous gift.  Our re-dedication was held in July 2016.

We realize it was not done for us (the people) but was all done for the glory of God.